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Deals (previously stylized as DEAL$) was an American chain of discount variety stores owned by Dollar Tree. The chain operated more than 221 stores located in shopping centers, malls (until 2015), and urban areas in 19 states throughout the United States. Each store stocked a variety of products including national, regional, and private-label brands, and accepted manufacturers' coupons. Departments found in a Deals store included health and beauty, food and snacks, party, seasonal décor, housewares, glassware, dinnerware, household cleaning supplies, candy, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, and books. The majority of Deals stores also sold frozen foods and dairy items such as milk, eggs, pizza, ice cream, frozen dinners, and pre-made baked goods.

Rosie D. from Forest Park, IL wrote a review for DEAL$ for YELP about her experience arguing that either shopping online or directly on the store the customer service it's frustrating: "I literally can't stand this place. I've tried. I really have. You can't beat the deals here so I shop here for work stuff from time to time. And it's always a horrendous experience. I've made several orders online and gotten them delivered to this store. The first time the restocked/lost my order. That was a nightmare. Then I went back for personal stuff and they broke a glass and caused me to cut myself. When that happened the lady looked at me like I was an inconvenience. I asked for a band-aid she said she didn't have one. I asked the manager she said they didn't have one but that they probably sold one in the store somewhere. "You raggedy heffa go get me a bandaid" is what I should've said. But instead, I grabbed a paper towel ab d called it a day. The next time (I know I know but I told you I tried) I was buying something for work and I had forgotten my tax-exempt letter but I had a copy on my phone. The manager said they needed to see the letter. I said you don't. You need my number. I've been in here a bunch and you've only ever needed my number. She was like I've never seen you before. I was so mad. Lastly, they have lots of mismarked products. But don't ask them for help w/ that. They'll just lie to you. I hate to leave such rotten reviews but this is a horrible store and I hope it closes and everyone who works there trips over their shoelaces (not to hurt themselves but just to be embarrassed)."


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